Saturday, September 15, 2007

While we sleep...

Still think this can't happen here? That's what the French thought, and the Swedes, and the Belgians. Islam is rapidly spreading to free societies everywhere. (I don't prefix "Islam" with "radical" because I believe there is no such thing as "Radical" Islam. There is only "True" Islam and then the watered down version of the non-devout.) They are taking over Europe one community at a time. Small towns and villages are not exempt either. In what amounts to a huge civil uprising, the police in these communities have little influence and soon wield no power at all over the hoards of Muslims. They ignore the law of the land, adhering only to Islam and enforcing their own interpretations of Islamic law.

They aren't coming here.....THEY ARE HERE! How far will you bend in the name of tolerance toward Islam? What will you give up? Your right to speak freely? Your right to dress as you want? Your right to worship as you please? Your daughter's virginity to a pack of ravenous Muslim teens? ........YOUR HEAD? The time for you to decide is NOW.