Saturday, November 10, 2007

Overloaded......but still here.

Some have been inquiring where the heck I’ve been for the past few weeks. The answer, in short, is “right here where I’ve always been.” I haven’t gone anywhere “physically” but buddy; let me tell you, I’ve been everywhere “mentally”. The past month has been one of non-stop schedule adjustments, emergencies, financial “surprises”, and inflexible commitments. For my efforts this month, I am 10 pounds lighter (though I don’t feel it), and 10 years older (I definitely feel that). I’m gassed.

I’ve missed writing. I’ve missed the outlet it provides. I’ve actually been quite inspired to write several times recently only to find that if I were to spend the hour it would take to compose and edit a post worthy of reading, I’d have to settle for 3 ½ hours of sleep instead of the 4 ½ hours I had previously allotted myself. But I have several pots on the burners. Good things are cooking and if I have time soon, I’ll serve you up a whole plate full of "my opinion". Thank you all for your patience and I assure you that this site is not dead.

I will tell you that two good things happened to me as I toiled like a mad man this month. I am happy to announce that after “helping” my two middle school children create the perfect Veterans Day posters as a geography project to be entered into a school-wide contest…..I won 1st and 2nd place, respectively. Notice I said “I won”. Like every other project, they bring home and ask for help with, it’s always the same old thing. “You’re doing it wrong.” “No, no, no that won’t work.” “Take your time and do it neatly.” “It’s coloring! You’re in middle school, man! Can’t you stay in the lines?”…… “Move over and let me do it.” Then a week later, I'm pestering them with "What'd I get? What'd I get?!" ...Well….Yay me!

More soon….I promise.