Friday, March 07, 2008

Creeping Socialism

Anyone who doesn't think it's happening, has a serious case of cranial rectumitis. Take a look at this. If that doesn't piss you off, then you have no business living in a free republic. A California (go figure) court, composed of a panel of three judges has decided that parents do not have a constitutional right to home school their children without first obtaining teaching credentials. Read that again. "do not have a constitutional right". It seems that is becoming an all to common phrase these days. Justice H. Walter Croskey penned the courts final opinion which contains the following:

"Parents do not have a constitutional right to home school their children... Parents who fail to [comply with school enrollment laws] may be subject to a criminal complaint against them, found guilty of an infraction, and subject to imposition of fines or an order to complete a parent education and counseling program."

That, my friends is the government occupying a much larger swath of your life than was constitutionally afforded it. I could quote for you study after study showing the exceptional performance of home schooled students on standardized testing. I could provide for you volumes of data indicating that children who are home schooled, by and large, score up to 30% higher than those who are publicly educated. I could show you where adults who were home schooled as a children have higher participation in their communities, vote more often and are less likely to commit a crime. I could eat up a hell of a lot of broadband cutting a pasting links and completely lose my point within it, but it is easy enough to find yourself. So why? What's so wrong with home schooling that the government would step in and put a stop to it? You ready? Here it is: It is largely dominated by evangelical Christians. That's it folks. That's all thats wrong with it. Not because these stay at home parents can't do the job without some piece of paper, not because these kids are growing up to be completely inept from lack of socialization, not because they can be proven to have any deficiency compared to publicly educated students... it's because these parents teach their children things like creation in lieu of evolution. It is because they may spend as much time on Bible studies as they do social studies. The government has a lumbering monstrosity of a monopoly on education. It is a dinosaur, dominated by left wing liberals that lets so many children fall through the cracks that it is a wonder we've let them maintain a strangle hold this long.

Don't think the NEA isn't behind this! This reeks of the NEA! This is right in line with their agenda. The NEA is a socialist organization from top to bottom. Championing pro-homosexual (not homosexual tolerance but PRO-homosexual) and atheist agendas, they all but openly admit it to indoctrinating kids into socialism. Their bully union tactics sicken me. What if your public schools suck? What if they're not safe? What if you don't approve of their curriculum? What if you can't afford private education? What right does the government have to force sub-standard public education on you? How long will we let our rights be whittled away. California is fast becoming a moonbat nation all its own. Every infringement on the Constitution, every wacko oddity and perversion of mankind, every assault on our men in uniform, every tree hugging eco-terrorist maniac, every challenge to our national sovereignty, every quack court ruling, from county to Federal seems to originate in this nut house of a State.

We should let Mexico annex them. They damn near have, anyway. I'd tell you not to let this happen in your state, but as long as we allow little demi-god judges to legislate from their bench, we don't really have a choice, do we? I know it was a state court that made this ruling, but I've no doubt that were it to somehow make it to the lunatics on the Ninth Circuit that it would be upheld. You really want Hillary or Obama appointing any more judges? Can our freedom stand for it?