Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Preach on, playa!

Found this over at FIU. Rob raised the point: "....imagine what would happen if a white man had said it. Any of it." Indeed. He would be lynched. Ooops! Sharpton says that's a "racist" word..."lynched". Sorry. He'd be mobbed and hanged. Hmmm... sounds like the same thing. Anyway, I kinda like the guy. I think trashin' the ol' "Obama Momma" was way outta line though but there's a lot of truth here too.

A preacher, cussing... in a pulpit? Who'd have thunk it. Obviously, the man's a bigot too 'cause it sounds like he's got no love for white women but all that aside...he's preaching accountability, and that...I like! Falls right in with my post below. So I can deal with a little bigoted madness. To each his own. Preach on preecha man, preach on!