Tuesday, June 24, 2008

World's worst weight loss program

30 lbs in 30 days. Yep. I sweated out pound number 30 today. Stress is a natural appetite suppressant. I'm pretty sure 30 pounds in one month is not a healthy rate to lose weight, but it did need to come off. I bet I could count the meals I've eaten this month on two hands. My back feels better but my heart still hurts.

Had a 30 yard roll off dumpster delivered to the house and started filling it up with 18 years of stuff. Memories. A hell of a lot of them "good" memories. It's the small stuff you miss. A picture of the kids in day care with a real honest to goodness smile on their face. Good times. Tennis rackets and fishing rods. Clothes that "used to be cool". A 1967 Amana Radarange Microwave oven, a big ol' chrome plated monster bought used the year I was born. Still works, but I'm afraid to stand in front of it for fear it would nuke me sterile. Old rusty tools and even a love letter or two. Nobody wants the expensive family portraits that have hung on our wall for years now. Can't throw them away though. Books and papers. Homework that should have been turned in 3 years ago. Shoes...tons and tons of shoes. Holy crap I didn't realize how many shoes I'd walked in. But I'd give anything not to be walking in the one's I am now.

Lot of stuff in that dumpster outside. I'm 36 years old. That's HALF of my life out there! Part of me wants to rush out there and save it. Part of me can't wait until it's gone. Either way, there's 18 years and 30 pounds just melting away. 218 to go, and I'll be gone. Wonder how long that'll take? Lotta work left to do. Took a couple of weeks off of work to get my feet back under me. I'll be back when they show up.