Monday, January 30, 2006

Floridians...Gunnin' 'Steada' Runnin'

As of October of last year, Floridians have no duty to retreat in the face of force likely to cause death or great bodily harm.Florida Legislators showed they had some scrote and passed that law amidst strong objections and much to the dismay of some socialist....I'm sorry, I mean liberal anti-gunners. They're so pissed off they started calling it the SHOOT FIRST LAW or the "wild west law" in an attempt to scare people into believing that otherwise law abiding gun owners were now suddenly going to go on murderous rampages picking fights and gunnin' instead of runnin'.

Nothing in this law allows anyone to shoot first. Nothing in this law allows anyone to use deadly force in any situation where that force wasn't already justified to prior to the passing of this amendment. All this law does is remove the duty to retreat. Prior to this amendment, unless one was in their home or place of business, when faced with a situation where deadly force would otherwise be justified, one had to first attempt to flee that danger (retreat) before using said force. That is not always tactically sound. Can you outrun the thug who is trying to rape you? If you attempt to and he catches your winded ass, are you in any better position to defend yourself than if you had stood your ground to begin with? Is presenting your back to your attacker really a good idea? What if your family is with you, can your kids keep up with you as you run away? For the law to impose a requirement to retreat, provides an unfair advantage to an attacker.

This law is long overdue and I applaud the legislators who had the stones to pass it. Good luck to Wyoming as they fight the same battle for their freedom. ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ!