Monday, January 30, 2006

I thought America's borders were unsecure...

Get this...Canadian Border Agents (equivilant [I use that word loosely] to our Customs Agents) have the right to LEAVE THIER POSTS if they feel they are in "immenent danger." Holy crap! Can you imagine American Customs Agents abandoning their post if they felt in danger. Slap me but last I checked, law enforcement was an inherently dangerous job.
It seems Canadian Border Agents are not armed cause guns'r baaad, mmmmkay? What a proud moment that must have been for Canadians. Their finest sentries bouncing through the woods like deer while their border lies unsecured. BWAAAAAHAAAAHAAA! This ain't the first time I've thanked God that I'm a proud 'Merkin and not some ice fishin', bacon eatin', ear muff wearin', French speakin freakin' Canadian.