Monday, January 30, 2006

Fry this sum bitch!

How does someone sit on death row for 24 FAREEKIN years? HE KILLED A COP and has spent the last 24 years wasting the court's time and my tax dollars to dodge his responsibility for doing so. They said he was "mildly retarted" and therefore not responsible for his actions. The court disagreed. What's the hold up?
Now correct me if I'm wrong. Didn't we (The Great State of Florida) change our form of capital punishment to lethal injection because electrocuting them was "inhumane?" Now this jackleg gets strapped to the table, IV in is arm and gets a last minute reprieve so the court can hear his argument that putting him to sleep is INHUMANE!
Coat him with honey and stick his mildly retarded ass in a fireant bed. I don't care how he dies. I think keeping a man on death row, facing the end of his life for 24 years is cruel and unusual. Ahhh, if I were king.